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Have you been trying to figure out what’s wrong with your fitness regime that’s stopping you from getting the desired result? Well! what we eat and how much matters, especially when we aim for better workout results. Most of the time we are under the assumption that we should eat more or eat less while working out. However, our body is like that of a vehicle that needs the fuel combination of food and exercise, in the right amount to bring out the desired or sometimes even surprising results. It is really important to know when and what kind of foods complement your workout sessions to attain better results.

While there are varied perspectives concerning the consumption of these foods, they are indefinitely the best that can help with your fitness goals. It is important to make be aware of the various myths that are associated with various foods proposed for the workout period. Furthermore, the amount of intake (calories) should always be in line with your body’s requirement which varies from one person to another.

Here’s a list of 5 foods that will help you enhance your workout results.

Eggs and Meat

Chicken Breast which is considered the leanest variety of meat, rich in protein and vitamin B is always a staple food of those who love to workout. It helps in building up a lean body muscle boosting the body stamina. Also, the Salmon variety of Fish which is protein-rich with healthy Omega – 3 Fatty acids and several other vitamins works on the over-all health of the body along with aiding the building up of healthy muscle. Eggs are also foods that are bountiful in Vitamin B, amino acids and high-protein which all help in the various body processes and that of energy boosting. Check-out some of these amazing food options you can order while you work-out.

Complex carbs and fibres

Foods that are rich in healthy and complex carbohydrates, fibre such as Brown Rice, Wheat, Multi-grain Foods, Oats are all which can keep you full with a consumption of little quantity giving the energy you need for the day. But it is always advisable to not consume these complex carbs no later than eight in the night.

The greens

Green leafy vegetables along with the green herbs have a great deal to do with improving the workout results. All green leafy veggies enhance the protein synthesis that results in the reparation and the building up of the muscle tissue. Spinach is a whole bunch of iron that has enormous benefits. The green herbs like Coriander, Mint: if not consumed raw, a glass of juice made of these can bring out some surprising results concerning weight loss. If you only consume vegetarian food, here are some vegetarian and vegan food options you can eat.


It is really important to know that you shouldn’t be working out on an empty stomach because it could only result in not being able to have a full-fledged workout session. While nuts are considered to be better foods as post-workout or an evening snack, you can always begin your day with a handful of pre-soaked nuts like almonds, walnuts. Nuts contain rich portion of healthy fats like Omega 3 along with Vitamin E and Anti-oxidants that help not only keep you full because of being a complex food but also boosts your strength and energy enhancing your workout performance.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables like Banana, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Cucumber are some of the best foods that improve and aid the benefits of workout. Bananas being rich in different sugars like fructose, glucose, sucrose and potassium boost the energy needed for an intense workout and can be used as a pre-workout snack although it is also suggested to not be consumed on an empty stomach. Watermelons that are rich in amino acids can be considered a post-workout session or a night meal that helps relieve of the muscle soreness. Cucumbers are always stuffing, keeping us full and hydrated alongside being a muscle-mending food with the component of L-citrulline. Vitamin – C rich fruits help in keeping full with additional skin benefits but again not suggestible for consumption on an empty-stomach.

Lastly, the importance of WATER can never be denied.  Water is an inevitable liquid food, before, during and post workout which helps to keep the body hydrated, alongside flushing out all the toxins in the body.

Certainly, there are other foods that enhance the workout results. But never forget the ground rule, choose food that is right for your body and what is the desired quantity that could enhance your workout results.

Eat right, Exercise, Stay fit and healthy!

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