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Refund & Returns Policy


Muscle Chow is dedicated to providing high quality products and service.

We package our products carefully so that they are ready for the journey to your door, however we cannot 100% guarantee our products will arrive in the best condition due to factors outside our control. Upon receiving your order, if you find that the products have perished or have been damaged, you must contact us within 12 hours of receiving the order. Please provide photographic evidence of the products and details of how the package was received.  If we find that the damages were a result of our actions or of the courier company, we will offer a refund, partial refund or credit for your order. Refunds will not be made if you do not receive your order due to any typing errors when filling in address or comment fields when placing your order and checking out.

We provide a range of meals containing many different ingredients, some of which you may dislike or have allergies or intolerance to. It is important for you to take note of the ingredients and product description of each product before purchasing and consuming. Refunds will not be made if you simply dislike the product or find that you cannot use the product due to an allergy or intolerance after receiving the product.

Great care is taken when weighing and measuring our products. However, please allow + 5% or – 5% difference to the weight of the product. Product portions and weights are considered accurate within this range.

If there are any parts of  our products or service that you are unhappy about, or you would like to make a suggestion, please contact us


Refunds will be made if Muscle Chow or the courier company is responsible for:


  • Damaged or perished products
  • Inaccurate products or meals
  • Order lost or delivered later than reasonable

Refunds will not be made if:


  • You cancel your order after is it made or in transit
  • You provide incorrect delivery information
  • The product you ordered isn’t to your liking
  • You cancel your subscription before it finishes.


Due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not accept returns.


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