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For years until now you must’ve constantly been hearing, “Exercise is said to be the viable tool for a vibrant and consistent fitness journey”. No doubt the exercise regime plays a prominent role, but it also has to be noted that factually, your diet champions a healthy and fit lifestyle.

While we sweat out on the treadmill, let’s try to understand where food comes into play and how it can change the game for us to help achieve our fitness goals. Also, uncover some simple yet practical steps in your fitness routine that will help you complement your diet to exercise and get the best results in your fitness journey.

Here’s all you need to know about the importance of diet to achieve your fitness goals.

Fuel up

Firstly, it is important to know that food is the fuel that gives you all the drive you need to exercise. Many-a-time, the relation between diet and exercise is mistaken. However, the fact remains that the former is the basal drive to the latter. The calories, alongside regardful of the nutrition your body needs are inevitable while exercising and food is the source where the two are drawn from.

Keep up with nutrition

It is equally important to be mindful of what kind of food you are consuming while exercising. Your body specifically needs a defined amount of calories and specific nutrients based on its condition. It is indefinitely because of the nutrition you draw from the diet that your body is able to endure the workout, get rejuvenated and stronger. Checkout some of the amazing food options to help your body with the right nutrients.

Food is medicine

Food is invariably a medicine to your body. The super-foods or the nutrient-dense foods are often those that richly contain all the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants. These wholesome foods essentially battle inflammation, improving the regular functioning of the body, thereby safeguarding the body from many diseases.

Helps determine the effectiveness of exercise

Poor and unbalanced food results in effectiveness of your workout. Any weight loss technique when combined with improper diet in terms of calories and nutrients could never actually bring out the desired results, and even if achieved, would not remain consistent. Also, unbalanced diet might leave one sluggish during or after workout and this could hinder the set goals for the day.

Can’t ward off obesity as a standalone

A survey has proven that exercise is not self-sufficient in the course of attaining fitness goals. During 2001 and 2010, the period of physical activity involved has considerably increased among the adults; however, that could not result in a comparatively lesser percentage of obesity among them.

The reason in general is that having been more physically active throughout the day, one might end up snacking on unhealthy foods with a mere complaint of having little or no time for preparing a proper balanced diet.

Having discussed the extent of the importance food holds in your everyday fitness goals, acquaint yourself with few simple tips towards a better planning of your diet.

  • Try maintaining a diary to list out every calorie you consume during the day, inclusive of the sugar and saturated fat. In a couple of days, this will help you trace the required changes you will have to make to your food choices. Also try avoiding or replacing the sugars with suitable substitutes and healthy fats.
  • Exercise increases your appetite. So, make sure to increase your calorie intake as you increase the intensity of your workouts, without failing to regulate your snacks and meals.
  • Try not to skip your breakfast which is the most important meal of your day. It is considered the kingly food of your day and it is essential that you rightly plan for the same.
  • Keep yourself hydrated before, during and after the workout. Water is the most important liquid food that holds its own importance in contributing to health and fitness.

Eat right! Exercise! Stay fit and healthy!

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