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“I have no time!”, “I’m crazy busy and my schedule can’t accommodate workout”. Does this sound familiar? Well! We all have been there at some point. While a few of us have found a way to make time, the others like us are stuck in a continuous cycle of excuses which revolve around not having time.

Don’t we all agree that exercise is important, and our health depends on it? But it’s also a fact that we just have 24 hours in a day and a lot of other things need our attention. We agree that it’s hard to find time to exercise and to reach our desired result in fitness goals. What if we told you work out doesn’t need extra time from your schedule?

Here are some great ways to sneak in a workout when you are crazy-busy:

Combining transportation and exercise 

It would be a great way to fit consistent exercise into your life by changing your transportation routine.

  • Bike to the grocery store/work/school instead of driving.
  • Walk over to a friend’s place
  • You can walk to your favorite coffee shop (with your loved ones – nothing like a good walk!)
  • You can get off the subway/train/bus one stop early

If you try walking instead of driving your cardio can fit in.

As long as it’s at least 10 minutes and getting your heart rate up, it’s exercise!

Find Pockets of Time for Exercise

If there is a wait, go for a brisk walk around the building. You can also go for a brisk 10-minute walk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It helps with digestion, and you will feel refreshed.

Reject common convenience

If your goal is to move more just say  good-bye to perfect parking spot, closest bathroom, and shortcut through the park.

Workout at your desk

Working out is easy if you don’t have to go anywhere. You can sneak at work by doing desk stretches, a quick walk, stand for some time instead of sitting, and by doing your abdominal exercises.

Sweat while your kids are sweating

If you are a parent, taking care of your kid is your top priority. But you could play outdoor games with your kid and no better way to bond with them while keeping up with your fitness goals.

Wake up early

It may be too challenging at first, waking up an hour ahead can help you cross your workout off and also helps to start your To-Do list before your day even begins.

Break a sweat right before you shower

 While the water warms up, try some of these moves until you sweat enough to really need that shower.

Meet a friend for your workout

Instead of going to happy hour with your bestie after work, plan to meet at workout as we stay accountable for our workout. You’ll be less likely flake on exercise if you know someone is waiting for you.

Schedule your workouts

It is totally OK to set the timer and give yourself limits, which allows you to create time to exercise. You can workout while watching your favourite show on tv. Turn off social media for a while to get enough time for your workout.

Keep your workout clothes handy at all times

It will be your biggest key to success as it automatically switches your brain from work to workout mode. Exercising after work might seem like the last thing you want to do, but it’s a good way to relieve any stress from the day.

Just keep moving

We would all move our bodies consistently every single day, it just takes a little planning to make sure you are prepared to get active no matter where you are. Your workout need not be hour long cardio sessions at the gym, just find pockets of time along with some nutritious diet which will enhance your fitness goals. Check-out ready to eat healthy meal prep that can be delivered to your home or workplace.

Remember, every little bit adds up. The more you make exercising a priority, the easier it will be to slip into the habit of working out throughout the week. If you still think you have no time for workout? finding time really means “Making Time”.

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